Making it difficult, if not impossible, for people to contact you, is the #1 worst possible communication mistake when you’re marketing yourself.

Even when someone wants to contact you, if that person doesn’t have your contact information easily available, it probably means that you have lost a potential client, customer, referral partner, or joint venture partner.

Discovering that fact inspired me to create my number one most important rule of communicating when you’re marketing yourself:

ALWAYS make it easy for people to contact you!

In Part 1 of this series, I gave examples of how to avoid this #1 mistake in your written materials, such as reports, transcripts of calls, copies of slides, etc.; as well as how to provide clear contact information in a voicemail message in order to greatly enhance the possibility that someone will actually return your call.

Now comes the trickier part of how to avoid this mistake. It is when you are giving a presentation or a talk, especially to a large group of people.

Here is the very useful suggestion that I learned when I was being a certified as an adult trainer by the head trainer of the Girl Scouts of America.

Give people a written outline of your presentation, with a few key words or phrases included, plus plenty of space for people to fill in blanks and write notes.

This handout gives you the perfect place to provide your contact information for all attendees at the event. The title and your name can be in the header on each page, and your contact information can be included in the footer of each page.

You will enjoy several significant benefits from providing outlines for all attendees at your events:

  • A well-designed outline gives everyone the message that you are a professional and an expert in your field;
  • When people are writing notes about your presentation, they are reinforcing the value of your information in their minds (selling themselves on your value as well);
  • Both filling in blanks in an outline and writing notes make it much easier for your listeners to retain the pertinent points you especially want them to remember;
  • And of course, your contact information on every pages makes it super easy for people interested in your products or services to contact you.

While preparing a professional looking outline and getting it printed takes both thought and time, that investment of thought and time (and printing costs) is an investment in the on-going and ever-increasing success of your business.

When you always make it easy for people to contact you, you may find business dropping happily into your lap, instead of you having to continually go out searching for it. That sure sounds like a good deal to me!

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