Man jumping across the gap from one rock to cling to the other.In the bad old days of the former Soviet Union, that government periodically announced, with great fanfare, a new Five Year Plan that was to result in what it called A Great Leap Forward. The idea was to shore up (yet again) the faltering Soviet economy, usually through a variety of repressive and draconian measures that always fell far short of the stated goals of the plan.

Fortunately there is another type of Great Leap Forward. It can occur after a period of gestation, of persistent preparation and work behind the scenes that enables a break-out event or series of events to burst into public view.

I have been blessed to experience two such leaps forward within the past few weeks.

  1. Not only do I now have an officially designed Speaker Sheet and a new page entitled Book Marjorie on my website, but I also have (drum roll please) two paid speaking gigs in the offing.
  2. With great excitement, I can share that I am launching my updated course, From Speaking Fear to Fortune.

I must confess that I am extremely proud of the contents of this course, and what they can do to help you create and effectively share your authentic messages with confidence and ease, whether in writing or in any type of speaking situation – in meetings, on the phone, networking, on stage, in videos, and in social situations.

This information is a distillation of decades of study and experience, not to mention tens of thousands of dollars invested in various courses and work with top-notch mentors.

To introduce this program, I am offering you two enticements:

  1. My updated report on How to Overcome Your Public Speaking Fears (even if you have struggled with them for years); plus,
  2. A series of free webinars in which I share the highlights of the From Speaking Fear to Fortune program, including useful ideas and suggestions that you can apply right away to improve your messaging, your presentation skills, and your comfort level when you need to speak in public.

I invite you to click to receive my updated report and to get further information about the webinars.

While I will be offering replays of the webinars, you will enjoy a tremendous advantage by attending a live webinar, as I will be available to answer your questions both before and after these live presentations.

I would love to connect with you there,