3Have you ever gone into a store to buy something, and found that the clerk was too busy yakking on the phone with a friend to bother waiting on you?

Or have you ever called a business about a problem and been given the royal run-around?

It is just these types of business problems that marketing guru Seth Godin talks about in one of his blog posts, entitled Learning from the State Department.

Check out the following quote:

Ambassadors do two things that are really difficult for most people within organizations:

  1. They listen and send notes up the chain. They’re at the front line, and they listen to what’s happening and figure out how to get the right people back home to hear what’s being said.
  2. They apologize. Not for things they did wrong, but for things that others did wrong.

What I found particularly interesting was how Seth relates the work of ambassadors to people who work in businesses, arguing that they are all brand ambassadors who are responsible for the experience customers have with that business.

Since I have long believed that everything is based on relationship, this really rings a bell for me.

I’d love to hear one or two of your lack of service horror stories, and what they taught you about the right way to offer customer service.

I look forward to connecting with you,

P.S. You can read Seth’s entire blog post using the following link: Learning from the State Department.