If you are someone who beats yourself up for feeling nervous before you have to speak in public, it’s time to stop it already!

Everybody (or practically everybody) gets nervous some of the time when having to make a presentation or give a speech to an audience, whether live or virtual.

In creating the materials for this video, I realized that there are really two situations that require 3 tips for overcoming last minute speaking nerves.

The first three tips involve preparing well enough ahead of time to insulate yourself against the worst of those nerves:

  • Plan and create a clear, concise, and compelling presentation
  • Practice delivering it with vocal variety
  • Stop running horror movies in your mind

The second set of three tips to apply in the heat (or the angst) of the moment are:

  • Practice deep breathing
  • Yawn a Mammoth Cave yawn (explained in the video)
  • Move – action breaks tension

There are also a couple of bonus tips included in the video as well.

These tips are actually bits and pieces of other videos that expand on each of them. Those videos are:

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You can benefit 24/7 from the tips, tricks, and tools shared in these and all other Coffee and Coaching Club trainings (plus a ton of other valuable resources) in our communication confidence community, VVP Academy.

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