When it comes to public speaking, there are all kinds of introductions:

  • Introducing yourself when meeting someone new;
  • Introducing yourself to people at networking and business events; and
  • Introductions given before you give a speech or presentation.

Depending upon how often you give formal presentations, you may not need the third type of introduction very often; but it’s still important to have a good one in your toolbox.

That requires an introduction that will get your audience excited to hear you before you even open your mouth.

This video from my series on Public Speaking Tips and Tricks covers 3 important aspects of how to be introduced in such a way that sets you up for success:

  1. What to include in such an introduction, and who needs to prepare it;
  2. Who needs to make the introduction (not you!!) and what they need to do it effectively; and
  3. How to introduce yourself if you are stuck doing it.

If you haven’t yet accessed it, you can find out more details about how to prepare for a speech ahead of time in my complimentary ebook, Overcome Your Public Speaking Fears.

It is available both on my website, http://VibrantVocalPower.com, and at http://OvercomeYourSpeakingFears.com.

If the devil is in the details, then don’t let the details surrounding preparing a speech or presentation devil you.