grammar, language, proper usageIt is a great relief to me to know that I am not the only grammar nerd (or nut) around.

Perhaps it’s because I taught two foreign languages and had a minor in English; but proper usage has always been important to me.

I really have to bite my tongue sometimes when someone says something that grates on my ear.

I finally realized that I was jeopardizing some very important relationships by being a grammar prig, when a dearly loved relative said to me, in a tone of great exasperation, “Will you PLEASE STOP correcting my grammar!” (I’m glad to report that I did.)

However, you can just imagine my delight when I discovered a wonderful article by Christina Bockisch in an issue of Business2Community, entitled Why Spelling and Grammar Still Matter In Content Marketing.

Most interesting of all to me is that she quotes a study by Disruptive Communications reporting that “the brand behavior that annoys people the most on social media is bad spelling and grammar.”

It’s good to know that I’m not the only grammar nerd around; and that good grammar and spelling are actually important tools in our business building toolbox.

You can read Christina’s full article here.