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One of the things that is so exhilarating about life is that there is always something interesting and intriguing to learn.

And since I am under absolutely no illusion that I am the source of all knowledge and wisdom, I am always on the look-out for something valuable to share with you.

For those of us who get stuck in study mode, Seth Godin has a wake-up call for us in his post entitled, First, interact:

There’s a huge need for study, refinement and revision. No question about it.

None of it means anything, though, if you are hiding from the market.

And for those of us (I include myself in this group) who tend to hide behind a list of tasks instead of reaching out to the people whom we are meant to serve, Seth’s words take on added power.

How can we truly share our gifts and serve those whom we are meant to serve if we keep hiding away from them, often out of fear that our service won’t be perfect?

But since perfection is ipso facto impossible, it’s vital to take our courage in both hands and pull ourselves out into the real world where our clients and potential raving fans eagerly await us.

To read Seth’s entire post, click here.

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