Everybody has a story to tell. How well are you telling yours?

In his bestselling book, Donald Miller shares the vital role stories play in building not only a memorable brand for your business, but also how to use story to exponentially grow your business success.

In fact the tagline at the bottom of the front cover (which may be too small for you to read easily) is Use the 7 Elements of Great Storytelling to Grow Your Business.

Miller states that the big mistake most business leaders make is not clearly explaining what their company does.

(This fits very neatly with my belief that everything is based on communication.)

The premise of the book is that being able to communicate your value clearly and persuasively happens most powerfully through the use of story.

Story takes pride of place on your websites, brochures, marketing promotions, social media, as well as in the conversations you have with potential clients and customers.

Stories, not selling, are what create the strong human connection that changes strangers into eager and loyal patrons.

As a primary example of the successful use of story, Miller describes the success Apple has had by explaining its products in a way that was simple, relevant, and exciting to their audience.

Just think back to the eager anticipation that was built up while people were waiting for Steve Jobs to come on stage to reveal the latest Apple product.

Whether Apple has the best technology . . . is debatable. But it doesn’t matter. People don’t buy the best products; they buy the products they can understand the fastest.

And Apple is a company that illustrates the power of a well-told story.

If you are struggling with how to share the value of what you do and the value that your company offers people, I invite you to read this book. It is chock full of inspiring ideas and practical approaches for using story to your best advantage to grow your business.