young sad woman in pain alone and depressed at urban subway tunnel ground worried suffering depressionIt is sometimes a good idea to take stock of where we are in our business and in our life.

Some key questions to periodically ask oneself include:

1. Am I really clear on the goals that I want to accomplish?

2. Are the goals that I set for myself some time ago still relevant to where I am today, or do they need to be reconsidered and updated?

3. Am I making the kind of progress I expected to make when I first set these goals for myself?

4. Do I have all the skills that I need to accomplish my goals?

5. Do I have all the support that I need to accomplish my goals?

For those of us who are recovering do it yourselfers, it is sometimes difficult to face the fact that we not only don’t know everything we need to know, we sometimes don’t even know what it is we do need to know.

So here are some other questions for you to think about:

When it comes to promoting yourself and your business, do you have all the skills you need to show up, stand up and speak up so that you can boost your business and make the kind of difference in the world that you would like to make?

Do you have proven skills for creating the kind of messages that will attract your perfect clients and customers?

Do you have confidence and ease in sharing your message in any speaking situation – on the phone, on the platform, online, networking, etc.?

If you need support in reaching your goals in any of these areas, I invite you to get in touch with me to see if I have exactly what you need to make the kind of progress that has been eluding you up until now.

Send me an email at, and put Let’s Chat in the subject line.

I will send you a link to my calendar, so that we can schedule a complimentary conversation to see whether the support and knowledge I offer are a good fit to enable you move forward to the business of your dreams.