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Tips to Help Your Communication Confidence

Improve How You Sound So You Are Heard When You Speak

Studies show that, when people can see us, they get 38% of the meaning of what we say from our tone of voice. When people can't see us, on the phone for example, they get 90% of the meaning of what we say from our tone of voice. So often, the first time we hear...

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How Are You Choosing to Feel This Minute?

How are you choosing to feel right now? Happy, sad, annoyed, distressed? Perhaps you know someone, as I do, who can look at a glass that is 90 percent full, and only focus on the 10 percent that isn't there. In times of stress, it's very easy to look at the empty part...

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The Value of Vocal Variety

One sure way to put your audience to sleep (any audience - on stage, online, on the phone, etc.) is to share your message in a monotone. Adding vocal variety not only helps to keep the eager attention of the people listening to you, it also enables you: To allow...

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YIKES! The Gremlins Have Struck Again!

Five years ago I wrote a post describing my theory about gremlins. My theory is that all hardware and software come with gremlins, and that these gremlins like to come out to play with us during the following four situations: When we are learning something new; When...

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