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Tips to Help Your Communication Confidence

Make Your Bed – That’s a Commencement Speech?

Commencement speeches are meant to be inspiring, but unfortunately are sometimes a bore, something to be dreaded and endured while we wait to celebrate the graduation of either ourselves or an important person in our lives. I vividly remember being bored stiff during...

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2 Quick Ways to Wreck Your Business

Have you ever called a business about a problem and been given the royal run-around? Or have you ever gone into a store to buy something, and found that the clerk was too busy yakking on the phone to bother waiting on you? It is just these types of business problems...

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Are You Telling Your Story as Powerfully as You Could?

Everybody has a story to tell. How well are you telling yours? In his bestselling book, Donald Miller shares the vital role stories play in building not only a memorable brand for your business, but also how to use story to exponentially grow your business success. In...

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How to Prepare for a Speech Ahead of Time

So you've been asked to give a presentation on a topic you've never talked about before. Yikes! What do you do now? In this Coffee and Coaching Club video, I share with you the key steps to creating a clear, concise, and compelling message. First ask yourself these...

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5 Speaking Landmines and How to Avoid Them

There are some public speaking mistakes that are both common and totally avoidable, if you know what they are and how to prepare for them. I call these mistakes speaking landmines; because, like actual landmines, they can get you into a ton of trouble. Given the fact...

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