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Tips to Help Your Communication Confidence

YIKES! The Gremlins Have Struck Again!

Five years ago I wrote a post describing my theory about gremlins. My theory is that all hardware and software come with gremlins, and that these gremlins like to come out to play with us during the following four situations: When we are learning something new; When...

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Lessons From My Interview on the Jeff Crilley Show

 Recently I had the honor to be interviewed on Jeff Crilley's show. Here are some of the crucial things I did beforehand to help ensure that I would be a success on the show: First of all, I sent Jeff a document with the following information; My name and all of my...

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The Value of Vocal Variety

Have you ever tuned out of someone's presentation on a subject of interest to you because the speaker kept boring on in a monotone that almost put you to sleep? The best message in the world can be ruined by a boring tone of voice. What's the cure for boring your...

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