Yoga on the sea beach, meditation.It is always exciting to be inspired by a great new idea. It doesn’t matter if the idea is for a new product, a new service, a better way of doing something, or a better way of creating value in your life and in the world.

The challenge comes in moving beyond the inspiration of the moment through the long road to eventual accomplishment of that initial exciting idea.

Far too many inspirational ideas seem to end up in the graveyard of dead dreams.

Not only is this a loss to the world, it is a personal and often painful loss to the person who dreamt the dream.

Here are some possible strategies to create a viable path from inspiration to accomplishment.

  1. Get really, really, really clear on what your idea actually is. You need to be able to write it down in words that resonate with the power of your dream.
  2. Run your idea by some trusted advisers. Be sure to avoid Sally Sniper and Larry Lack-of-Vision. They will surely rain on your parade. However, sharing your idea with another open-minded and adventurous person has the advantage of requiring you to clarify what you are really about. This is a sure test of the intelligibility, or lack thereof, of your vision.
  3. List the resources necessary to start on the path of bringing your idea into reality. Consider first of all the three biggest items: time, money and human resources. Once you have done that, multiply all of your numbers by at least 2 or 3 to get a more realistic idea of what is really needed.
  4. List the possible obstacles in your path that you will need to take into consideration as you move ahead.
  5. Ask yourself these difficult, yet vitally important questions:
    • What limiting beliefs might stop me from achieving my goals?
    • I there something about my habits or my mindset that might be getting in my way?

One crucial element in bringing your inspiration to fruition is being able to powerfully and effectively communicate it to the people whose help you need, to prospective financial backers, as well as to potential team members, clients or customers.

If you find yourself in situations where you are not sure what to say, or how to say it effectively, or you are simply afraid to say it; this is a sure-fire recipe for keeping you and your results small.

You cannot succeed when you keep ideas and your inspiration secret from the world.

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I plan to share other practical strategies for actualizing your inspirations in next week’s blog post.

Please share in the comments if the ideas I’ve shared make sense to you.