Finished businessman
The universe works in unexpected ways, its coincidences and wonders to perform.

Have you ever tried to figure out some way of operating, some type of system that would enable you to accomplish your goals, without driving yourself crazy with an overwhelming amount of things on your to-do list?

I recently decided to take some time to think about this; as my particular brand of suffering from S.O.S. (Shiny Object Syndrome) is to always want to take advantage of the latest learning opportunity available online.

While sneaking a peak at an old issue of Entrepreneur, I ran across an article by Steve Tobak on The 7 Rules of Personal Productivity.

Thank you, universe!

I was immediately captivated by the author’s confession that he is not a morning person either. And he definitely offers a contrarian view of productivity, as exemplified by his proclaiming: Why worry about being productive when life offers so much opportunity, so much to experience, and so much to do?

Tobak goes on to explain that he is successful because he doesn’t follow the common understanding of what productivity requires. This is particularly true for his sixth and seventh rules:

  • Work when you have to, not when you don’t.
  • Take care of  yourself.

You can check out the rest of his rules and his contrarian point of view by clicking here. I’d love to hear your reaction to Steve Tobak’s views, as well as your own thoughts about being productive yourself. Please share them in the Comment section.