Do you feel tongue-tied or unsure about what to say when talking about your business?

  • keyboard_arrow_rightDo you dread speaking in public or worry about keeping your audience’s attention?
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDo you get flustered or lose your train of thought when presenting, answering a question, or being called on to give a report with zero prep time?
  • keyboard_arrow_rightOr maybe you’re concerned that your “less than stellar” communication skills are making you look bad or causing you to miss out on prime opportunities?


It doesn’t have to be this way! 


Imagine being calm, clear, and confident every time you speak – anytime, anywhere!


  • keyboard_arrow_rightImagine YOU… overcoming your fear of public speaking once and for all so you can “own” any moment when talking with others.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightImagine YOU… delivering powerful, authentic messages that “rally” your listeners to take action, even if you have little or no time to prepare.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightImagine YOU…  becoming a confident and memorable presenter who is talked about long after your session is over.

Can I share a secret?

I was the last person anyone expected would train others on how to communicate with confidence.

I didn’t even start talking until I was four years old. I was incredibly shy and introverted. The only time I found it easy to talk was in class, maybe because I was determined to get good grades.

I grew up and eventually learned to give speeches and did ok. But later on when I decided to start my own business…

I experienced tremendous failure. Networking groups, sales conversations, even phone calls – I was both terrified and terrible.

What did I lack?

Confidence and clarity.

I was tired of fumbling around and limping my way through conversations. So I studied everything I could get my hands on about public speaking.

And I practiced and practiced, trying on what I was learning.

I got better and better. And eventually gained true mastery in communicating in any conversation or situation.

This breakthrough was my springboard to speaking all over North America and privately mentoring people determined to overcome their fears and become powerful communicators.


This may seem daunting to you, even impossible because of the fears and situation you’re facing right now.


But I want you to know…

You have the power to become a dynamic communicator. You have the opportunity to break through your own fears and obstacles to create a powerful connection with any audience.


And I can show you how.

I have mentored people just like you in discovering their own voice and speaking with ease from their newfound confidence.

This opens up fresh, exciting opportunities to share ideas and messages that can impact the world.

With my insight and YOUR natural ability hidden inside, you can acquire an authentic, compelling, and engaging way of connecting with your audience.

No matter the size of the crowd…

No matter the moment…

You will have the confidence, power, and purpose to share what truly matters for the world to hear.


Communication Confidence Mastery

This powerful self-paced experience will give you the exact tools, training, and strategies you need to:

  • check_circleCommunicate with ease and confidence in any situation
  • check_circleAttract the ideal clients, customers, and career advancement you crave
  • check_circleCreate the income, business, and lifestyle you desire


Here’s What You Will Learn:


  • forwardModule 1 ~ Know Your Audience
    Discover 4 key tools for defining your ideal audience so you can successfully market your products and/or services to the exact people eager to buy them.
  • forwardModule 2 ~ Learn Your Lucrative Language
    Create your own Lucrative Language Cheat Sheet so you can speak about the unsolved problems your ideal audience faces – using their preferred words – so they immediately know you have what they want. This will inspire them to give you their business.

    Mindset Bonus: Implement a “No Critics Allowed” Mindset to help you stay on point and free to share your ideas without feeding the trolls!
  • forwardModule 3 ~ Rejection-Proof Your Message with Powerful Marketing Copy
    Implement 3 so-simple-you-can’t-fail outlines for sharing your message in a way that will totally resonate with your audience. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to reach your audience. You’ll have foolproof strategies that work every time.
    Mindset Bonus: Adopt a rejection-proof mindset in any content you create and deliver to your audience. Whether it’s sales copy, blog content, a breakout session, or a speech, you don’t have to fear hearing “No!” ever again.
  • forwardModule 4 ~ Be a Can’t- Miss Communicator
    Understand the presentation secrets of seasoned communicators (how you sound, how you move, how you dress) and gain the recognition and attention your expertise deserves. Create visually engaging messages in any copy you share – in emails, on social media, on slides, etc.
    Mindset Bonus: Leverage even your most embarrassing failures so they become a growth strategy instead of a stop sign.
  • forwardModule 5 ~Communicating with “Challenging” People Without Losing Your Cool
    Difficult people come in all industries, shapes, sizes, and families. Your greatest challenge may be dealing with people who take credit for your work or ideas, who don’t respect your boundaries, who stick their nose in your business, or reject your message altogether. Learn how to deal with these challenging people from a place of calm confidence and authority.

I had a delicate situation with a difficult person on a board on which I sit. I ran my thoughts by Marjorie and she beautifully made it very simple for me to move ahead and take control elegantly with confidence and without confrontation.

Associate Broker at Coldwell Banker / Weir Manual Realtors

What you get when you enroll today:

  • check_circle5 Information Packed Modules consisting of several short videos (with audios) to accommodate busy schedules. ($1,500 value)
  • check_circleYour Own Downloadable Communication Confidence Mastery Workbook, with PDF outlines for each video, to facilitate note taking and for quick and easy review of the material. ($300 value)
  • check_circleOn-Going Course Access, including all future updates of Communication Confidence Mastery  ($1,000 value)


Plus These Wonderful Bonuses: 

  • check_circleOne Month Free  in any or all of Get Booked Guru Jackie Lapin’s three time-saving, one-of-a-kind SpeakerTunity™ resources for the expert, leader, coach, healer, author, or entrepreneur. Easily increase your visibility without having to do any of the research yourself. (Value: $105)
    • check_circleSpeakerTunity™, The Speaker Leads Tip Sheet — Twice a month, you get a ton of contacts – 120+ new transformational speaker leads locally and across North America – and then you pick the ones you want to pursue. You get names, numbers, and emails! And there’s also a private Facebook Group with HOT! timely new leads.
    • check_circleSpeakerTunity Radio Insider™ — Every two weeks, you get direct contacts for a dozen radio shows that LOVE transformational content – everything from mindset to wellness, from empowerment to business, from environment to parenting… this covers broadcast, satellite, podcast, and internet radio shows. You get direct contact information for hosts and producers.
    • check_circleSpeakerTunity Summits™ – Each month, you get an update on which virtual summit hosts are looking for, or are open to, new guest presenters – along with their contact information.
  • check_circleThree Months Free of VVP Academy, where you get on-going, on-demand access to workshops, resources, all past Coffee & Coaching Club recordings, monthly live mentoring calls, and much more. (Value: $74.91)
  • check_circleOffice Hours with Marjorie: A regular monthly call where Marjorie will help you perfect your language, conquer any communication challenges, and reinforce the confidence you’ll gain throughout the course. (Value: $2,000+)


Total Value: $4,975+


Frequently Asked Questions

I am already incredibly busy. How will I be able to fit this program into my schedule?

The short videos in each module are specifically designed to fit into the busiest schedule. And since you have full access to the program (plus all updates) for the life of the program, you can take advantage of the program anytime to sharpen your communication skills.


I have a hard time explaining what I do. Will you really be able to help me create effective speeches and presentations, and be able to handle sales conversations when you have no clue about how I do what I do?

Surprisingly enough, the basics of good communication apply all the time, no matter how far out the subject matter may be. You still need to create a message that successfully grabs and keeps people’s attention. As to the “how,” I’ll show you how to showcase your particular expertise.


I have suffered from public speaking anxiety, dread, and even panic attacks for years. Have you ever been able to help someone in my situation?

Yes, I do it all the time. It has been both my pleasure and honor to enable many people to come into the full power of their voice, so that they can create the income and business of their dreams. This may be why I was named both Top Speaking Coach of the Year and Top Motivational Speaker of the Decade by the International Association of Top Professionals. 

By the end of this program, you will have:

  • check_circleYour own authentic, unique messages to help you become the go-to expert in your field
  • check_circleCompelling presentations skills that resonate with your ideal audience, make them sit up and take note, and give them lots of reasons to work with you
  • check_circleIncreased self-assurance, instead of fear and dread, so you can communicate confidently in any situation.

Is this program right for you?  Communication Confidence Mastery is for you if you…

  • account_circleAre sick and tired of playing small or feeling invisible, due to fear or lack of skill
  • account_circleHave a message or knowledge that you know can improve other people’s lives and businesses
  • account_circleAre eager to monetize your message so you can boost your business and increase your income.

Marjorie, it was a true pleasure participating in your course. I enjoyed and looked forward to every module, and I think the others in the class also received a lot of information and wisdom from you. You always had a relevant answer to questions asked, and there was a loving approach to what you said. I received your wisdom, not just your knowledge.

Diane Sussman

What’s Your Investment?

Generally, for a training program of this caliber, you would have to invest $3000 or more. The regular investment for this self-paced program is set at $997.

However, since I know that such an investment might be a challenge for you, so, during these unprecedented times, for a short time only, I am making this course so affordable that anyone can participate.

(Full Value: $4,975+)

(Regular Investment: $997)



I experienced severe anxiety about standing up in front of a crowd to give a speech. If I was out at an event and someone would ask me what I did, the anxiety and dread would come over me and I would stumble over my words trying to define myself.

If you have experienced either of these scenarios, I highly recommend you take Marjorie Saulson’s course or work with her privately. She is an expert not only at giving speeches, but in knowing what to say in any given moment or situation.

Marjorie has helped me to feel so much more confident, both in my personal life and in my business. I no longer sweat and worry that I will be called on to present. I can speak clearly and confidently about myself and about what I offer.

She is a fabulous teacher and is able to break things down and make them very easy to digest. I just loved her laid back and conversational style. Marjorie is very generous both with her time and her knowledge and wisdom from experience, and also at teaching specifically what anyone wanted to know about.

Marjorie is a godsend to me in my life! This is truly one of the best courses I have ever taken. I learned so much and it has changed my life! I have way more confidence than I did before!

If I hadn’t taken Marjorie’s course and worked with her one on one on my signature speech, I would still be floundering, feeling lost, and overcome by anxiety. Thank you so much, Marjorie, you have saved my life!

Ascending Heights Enterprises

Can I assume the risk for you?

You make your investment at no risk because you are covered by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This means that you can join me for 30 days, participate, do the work, and ask any questions you may have. If you decide during that time that this training is not for you, just let me know, and you will get a full refund.


This is an opportunity for you to gain the confidence and skills you need to become a more masterful communicator. Why wait? Investing in how you share your message is an investment in every area of your life. Reach your goals, maximize your potential, and get ready to create the impact you desire with Communication Confidence Mastery.


The program was presented beautifully and professionally and I loved all the reminders of the class date and time.

Emma Auriemma McKay

Marjorie’s insight, coaching, and positive plans for action are an enlightening booster shot in the arm and psyche.

Gena Conti

People in my group listen more closely to what I am saying and react in a more civil way.

Brenda Schufelt

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