One’s website is both a personal and a public representation of who you are and what you choose to offer to the world.

As much as I loved my first website, designed by the very creative Julia Stege, I’ve done a lot of growing since then so it was time to move on to a new vision for my business and myself.

Therefore I am thrilled to share with you my gorgeous new website, designed by the very talented Margaret Johnson.

One design feature that remains the same in both my old and new websites is a lighthouse.

My own State of Michigan has more lighthouses than any other state, no doubt because we have shoreline along four of the five Great Lakes. (Only Lake Ontario has managed to escape our borders.)

But it’s not simply because I love lighthouses that they are such an integral part of my brand.

I learned about lighthouses as a powerful metaphor for your message from Stacey Hall and Jan Brogniez, both at their retreats and in their seminal book, Attracting Perfect Customers, (published very early in the Law of Attraction phenomenon).

Jan and Stacey teach that lighthouses don’t go running up and down the shoreline chasing after boats. They stand in the power of their light and attract and serve only those boats that need their light.

So too with your message. A powerfully crafted message is intended to attract your perfect customers and no one else. As a result, it acts as a sorting mechanism, so you don’t waste your precious time running after those who aren’t a good fit for what you offer.

An add benefit of this strategy is that you no longer worry about people rejecting what you offer. They are just boats on their way to a different destination than the one your light provides.

If  you’d like some guidance in polishing up your particular light so you can attract more of your perfect customers, grab a spot for a short chat on my calendar here.