When you sit down to write copy for a presentation, an email, a flyer, a sales letter, etc.; do you sometimes worry that you won’t be able to get your point across effectively.

Are you concerned that your copy won’t be able to convince people to buy your product, invest in your service, or support your cause?

If that’s the case, allow me to share some specific strategies that are included in the video of the presentation on this topic that I gave for the Coffee and Coaching Club.

  1. Copy that converts immediately grabs the attention of your ideal audience.
  2. It uses the specific language of the people whom you wish to attract.
  3. It speaks to their pain, the thing or things bothering them to the point that they may be open to your message.
  4. It promotes the benefits of what you offer as the solution to their pain.
  5. It has a single call to action.
  6. It’s organized in a way that makes sense to the people who are hearing it.

In case you’re wondering how to accomplish item #6 on the list, here’s a generic outline of a message that makes sense to your audience:

  1. Begin with an attention grabbing opening.
  2. Give a preview, an actual list, of the 3 things you are going to share.
  3. Speak about the first thing, then the second thing, then the third thing, being sure to label each accordingly so that it’s easy for people to follow (and hopefully remember) the three items you are sharing.
  4. Review the 3 things you just shared.
  5. Promote your single call to action.
  6. Offer an inspirational close.

In case you are wondering why you want to ask people to only do one thing; the reason is this.

If you offer two or more choices, chances are people will spend their time thinking about which choice to make among the options offered instead of making any choice at all.

As the saying goes, “The confused mind says no.”

I invite you to check out the video for more thoughts about this whole topic of writing copy that converts.

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