Challenge concept.

When we start talking about the issue of money in regard to any purchase, and we are on the buying side of the table, we view the money issue as a decision.

However, when we are on the selling side of the table and the money issue arises, it often metamorphoses into the mentally and emotionally challenging category of an objection.

All the questions that we consider to be legitimate concerns when we are buying suddenly loom as major obstacles to enrolling potential clients or selling a valuable product.

How much does it cost? and I cannot afford it become stumbling blocks that leave us fumbling for words. The whole process of offering our service to someone can end up lurching to an ungainly halt when we hit the money roadblock.

Three negative outcomes can result from our failure to handle the money issue effectively:

  1. People who may truly need our service or product do not get to enjoy the benefits that they may desperately need.
  2. We have the sinking feeling that we have failed someone whom we could help.
  3. We fall short of building our business to the level it has the potential to reach.

The reality is that if we do not have a strategy in place to handle the money issue, we end up suffering from brain freeze. This definitely detracts from our authority and expert status, and greatly reduces our chances for serving people who need us and for creating business success.

If you sometimes suffer from money issue brain freeze, here are a few things to consider, both to improve your results, and also to enable you to serve those whom you are meant to serve.

  1. In conversing with potential clients, do you do a good enough job of eliciting each person’s goals and dreams?
  2. Do you help people to gain clarity on the challenges they are facing and on the negative impact these challenges have on what they wish to achieve?
  3. Do you make it possible for them to get in touch with how much better their life would be if they could overcome their challenges and reach their goals?

As much as we like to think that we are primarily rational beings, the truth is that we humans make decisions for emotional reasons. Only then do we use our thinking brain to find rational reasons for the emotional decision that we have just made.

Unless people truly get in touch with the exorbitant cost of their current challenges in preventing them from reaching their goals and dreams; the money issue will continue to loom large, both for them and for us.