To-Do List - Grow Word on Dry Erase BoardThe road to success sometimes requires us to give up habits that no longer serve us.

The first step in going down this particular path is to recognize those unhelpful habits.

Until we become aware of any bad habits we may have, they will continue to sabotage our best efforts.

Of course, it really speeds up the process if someone else provides a handy Don’t  Do List of habits to cultivate that are the exact opposite of the things we shouldn’t be doing.

Carl Preston provides just such a list for us in his article, 10 Habits Successful People Give Up to Increase Their Productivity.

Among the suggestions that really caught my eye (and my conscience) are:

  1. They don’t work in their comfort zone.
  2. They don’t fear asking for advice.
  3. They don’t get lost in the small details.
  4. They don’t multi-task.
  5. They don’t hang around negative people.

While I am pretty good about asking for advice and avoiding negative people, I’m pretty sure that I need to up my game when it comes to the other three habits he mentions.

To check out the other five habits to avoid, click here.

If there are some other habits you would like to add to Carl’s list, I invite you to share them in the Comment section below..