In the prior video in this series, I shared information about the first key to a compelling presentation, namely the presentation or message itself, as well as some strategies for creating copy that converts.

But how well any message you create comes across depends on a another vital element: your presentation skills.

There are three ways that people access information:

  1. Sight – body language, movement, visuals, how you dress;
  2. Sound – the quality of your voice, and the use of vocal variety;
  3. Touch – inviting people to take notes on what you share or to type responses in Chat during virtual events.

There are three ways that people assess you and your message:

  1. Body language  – 55% (That’s a shocker!)
  2. Tone of voice – 38%
  3. Your spoken words – 7% (That’s another shocker.)

I must confess, that as a writer myself, I believe that the words you choose to use have a tremendous effect on both your tone of voice and your body language.

In the video accompanying this blog post, you will discover:

  1. Keys to dressing for success; and
  2. How to improve the sound of your voice.

Check out the video on Copy that Convertswhich covers the strategies for improving your spoken words, as well as the first video in this series, which discusses the first key to a compelling presentation.