When it comes to effective public speaking, grammar is important, yet I sometimes hear even the most accomplished presenters pause a little uncertainly before coming out with one of the three pronouns me, myself, or I.

Unfortunately, it’s often the wrong one.

Could that person sometimes be you?

Are you tired of wondering if you are using me, myself, or I correctly when you are talking with someone or making a presentation or speech?

Check out the video I am sharing on this page to find out some easy grammar tricks to know which word to use in which situation.

Once you know these tricks, you will be able to communicate with calm confidence.

You can then rest assured that those of your listeners who also know these tricks, will be impressed by your proper usage of these very commonly misused, yet often necessary, words.

P.S. When I listened to the video a second time, I heard myself say theirselves instead of themselves. OOPS! Maybe I’ll be perfect next month.