Are your in-person communication skills feeling a bit rusty after spending so much of the time in lockdown due to the pandemic?

Do you feel a little nervous about how well you’ll be able to communicate with people face to actual face, once you get out into the real world instead doing it in online boxes in a virtual world?

A multitude of these face-to-face opportunities are opening up:

  • Personal meetings
  • Networking events
  • Meetup groups
  • Sales presentations and conversations
  • In-person speeches and presentations
  • Social events with friends

In the video I share in this post I discuss various communication options. (You can easily guess which types work better when it comes to building positive relationships with people.)

  • A lecture or a conversation
  • An order or a request
  • A demand or a suggestion (including ideas on how to get more of your suggestions accepted by other people)

You will also find a guide to what I call a Communication Circle, a pattern that allows you to fully understand and communicate with another person at a very informative level.

As Steven R. Covey points out in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Peoplethe habit that is your best guideline in any conversation is: First seek to understand, then to be understood.

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An unusual side note about when I came up with this topic: In late 2019, months before we were hit with the pandemic lockdown, I had written out a list of Coffee and Coaching Club topics to take us through to October 2021.

In one of the great mysteries and serendipities of the universe, this particular topic about effective in-person communication showed up on the list just as our world is opening up to actual in-person interactions.