Online magazinesSometimes we get so enamored of our online strategies and focus so much of our attention on our websites, blogs, social media, etc., that we tend to forgot the power of print.

In her article, Don’t Overlook Print When Mapping Out Your Startup Marketing Plan, Katherine Halek points out three key ways that print helps maximize your potential success, especially when launching a business.

However, the strategies she mentions can be successfully applied to a business at any stage of growth.

  1. Print helps you publicize your startup (or your business).
  2. Print helps you retain customers and build word of mouth.
  3. Print helps you establish credibility.

The most valuable of these strategies, to my mind, is the second one.

Retaining current customers or clients, and gaining new ones through word of mouth referrals, are crucial to building a sustainable business.

You can check out the entire article here.

If you are not doing so, maybe it is time to consider using print as part of your marketing strategy.

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