Dollarphotoclub_63401316 (2)It can be pretty discouraging when something we are trying to accomplish ends up being a failure.

Yet the most important part of failing at something is not the failure itself, but how we respond to it.

Do we view that failure as a Stop Sign, as a reason to give up; or do we view that failure as a Stepping Stone to a better way of accomplishing our goal?

A number of factors can come into our decision about whether we should simply give up or continue our efforts.

Generally speaking, the more important the goal, the more likely we are to persevere.

However, there is one aspect of our current culture that works against us and can discourage us from sticking to our guns.

We live in a culture that one of my friends calls Instant America. We have grown used to fast food, fast downloads, fast responses to our text messaging, fast this and fast that.

Patience is not only no longer our strong suit, it is not even generally admired. Yet patience is a key requirement for persisting in the face of a failure.

I will be discussing more of the factors that go into our response to a failure in future issues.

In the meanwhile, I invite you share some of your experiences and thoughts about dealing with failure on our Facebook page.