Voicemail can be a very useful tool to have in your toolbox when you want to follow up with someone you’ve met at an event, or as the continuation of a conversation or a sales process.

The question becomes: How do you do leave a voicemail in a way that maximizes the chances of actually getting someone to call you back?

I’m guessing that you may also have had the experience of listening to a voicemail message in which the caller said his or her phone number so quickly that, even replaying it once or twice, it was¬†impossible to understand all the digits in the phone number.

Think back. Is that something you may have done?

The reason that it’s so common for people to make this mistake is that we all know our phone numbers so well, it’s easy to mumble them out in a hurry.

If you want to up your voicemail message game and results, this video covers 3 strategies to consider:

  1. The message itself, including a 3-part outline for an effective message
  2. What to do after you’ve left the message to further increase your chances of a response
  3. Strategies to avoid having to leave a voicemail message in the first place

There are also two major warnings about habits to avoid:

  • How fast are you saying your phone number? (And are you repeating it to be sure people can write it down?)
  • How long is your message?

To expand on some of the ideas in this video, included are the names of five other Coffee and Coaching Club videos where I share related communication strategies.

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