As a business person looking to help people become compelling communicators, I am always eager to learn new ways to help other people promote their businesses more effectively.

That is why I was intrigued by some of the ideas in Lida Citroën’s article on 9 Overlooked Ways to Market Your Business in Entrepreneur magazine.

She speaks about the concept of pull marketing, that is using creative ways to grab the attention of potential customers; instead of overtly selling to them (push marketing).

Among the ideas she suggests are:

  1. Luggage tags and backpacks: Evidently these work as conversation starters when people see them on your luggage, tote bags, and brief cases. (They also make more original promotional gifts than the usual messages on pens which people rarely look at once they get them.)
  2. iPad, laptop “skin”: If you are someone who gives presentations using your laptop, the back of your laptop faces your audience. Why not use that space to your marketing advantage?
  3. Desktop screen: A similar idea to #2, as this is what people see before you begin, and after you end, your presentation.

You can find the rest of Lida’s ideas here.

Please be sure to share in the Comment section below any unusual ideas that have worked for you.

In the meanwhile, happy and cost effective marketing!