live your dreamFor me, Labor Day has always felt much more like a New Year’s Day than January 1.

Perhaps this feeling goes back to my school days, when Labor Day signaled the start of a new school year.

Perhaps it is because Labor Day also signals a true change of seasons, at least in Michigan where I live; whereas January 1 just indicates more of the same winter weather as the previous month.

I like to make plans for the coming year, either on Labor Day or sometime in late August or early September, because they are usually more realistic and much more likely to come to fruition, than the grandiose ideas for reinventing my life that I tend to come up with on January 1.

This year I intend to focus on helping more people reach their full potential by overcoming one of the greatest fears people have – the fear of public speaking.

There are far too many people in business who are nervous about using public speaking and networking to promote their business.

Their fear prevents them from sharing their gifts with those who desperately need them, with the result that their income suffers.

This phenomenon reminds me of a couplet from Thomas Gray’s Elegy Written in an Country Churchyard:

Full many a flower is born to blush unseen, And waste its sweetness on the desert air.

My goal is to help those whose gifts are yet unseen to gain confidence and ease in speaking and networking; so that they can claim the rich rewards that connection with their ideal clients can offer.

As part of this strategy, I am offering those who are truly serious about overcoming their fear of public speaking and networking, a complimentary Business Communication Mastery Consultation.

If this opportunity is something that speaks to you, you can access the complimentary consultation application form by using this link.

So if part of your Labor Day New Year plans includes becoming much more confident when speaking with people about your business, and much more successful in realizing your dreams as a result; it would be my pleasure to help you make your dream come true (even if you come up with your plan and your dream some other time of the year).