talk to the hand - business womanWe humans sometimes operate under the illusion that lots of other people like what we like, are interested in what interests us, and enjoy spending time in the activities that we enjoy.

That illusion poses at least two dangers:

  1. We risk boring other people to death going on and on about something that fascinates us.
  2. If we are in business, we risk wasting a lot of money on marketing that simply doesn’t give us the type of return on investment that we expect or need to get.

We may be so enamored with what we make or sell or do, that we think everyone else should be as enamored as we are.

But the sad truth is that only a small portion of the billions of people on earth are our true prospects.

That means that we need to hone in on our true ideal audience. In other words, we need to narrow our niche.

The downside of not doing so means flailing around, trying to find some kind of message that reaches people. It’s a guessing game we are bound to lose, along with most or all the money spent on untargeted marketing.

The upside of narrowing our niche is that it enables us to find marketing language that actually attracts our ideal clients and prospects, people who already want what we offer, if only we could promote it clearly and effectively.

Are you unsure about how to find your ideal niche? Here’s a tip that could be helpful.

Ask yourself the following three questions:

  1. What problem does my product or service solve?
  2. Who has this particular problem?
  3. What is the trigger, the pain point, the challenge, that will bring this problem to my potential prospect’s awareness?

People who have a problem, and know that that have a problem, are your specific audience. They are the people most likely to respond to a well-crafted marketing message.

There’s no more need to pour money down the guesswork marketing drain, not when you can target your marketing toward people who are searching for, and eager to buy, what you offer.

So what’s the important strategy to remember?

If you want to expand your results, narrow your niche.