Among the many mottoes I have created over my lifetime, one stands out as being rather snarky: Nothing beats abject terror as a motivator.

Actually abject terror as a motivator is pretty limiting. A serious health issue such as a mild heart attack or the discovery of a spot on one’s lungs is often enough to scare people into striving to eliminate bad habits out of fear of dying too soon.

Mounting expenses and credit card debt can provide powerful motivation for figuring out a better way to build a sustainable income.

Yet terror alone is often short-lived. One needs a much more positive motivator to keep on choosing different actions that enable one to reach worthy goals.

So to balance out short-term terror as a motivator, I am adding a new motto to my collection: Nothing beats profound love as an enduring motivator.

It takes a deep and abiding love, both for ourselves and for those who would be badly affected by our poor choices, to keep on the road to change.

After all, it has been said that the only one who truly welcomes change is a wet baby.

Love as a motivator applies not only to our personal choices, but to those we make in business as well.

If our business goals include serving those who need our gifts, as well as creating the income and lifestyle of our dreams; then it’s vital to care deeply about those whom we are meant to serve, as well as to truly desire the life that success in our business will enable us to live.

I invite you to look at your goals for yourself, your business, and for your future from two points of view:

  1. What do you deeply desire to create in your life and in your business?
  2. What do you fervently wish to avoid allowing to happen in your life and in your business?

It’s a two-sided look at assessing your WHY, taking advantage of dual aspects of our human nature – seeking joy and avoiding pain.

Perhaps you will find the combination of assessments helpful in enabling you to reach your own cherished goals. I certainly hope so!