If you want to know about how to create a high-impact and stellar slide presentation, Ellen Finkelstein is your go-to gal.

She is one of only 18 people in the country designated by Microsoft as a Power Point MVP, a PowerPoint Most Valued Professional.

Ellen presented her stellar training on High-Persuasion Presentation Secrets in the VVP Academy as part of our monthly high-level training series on various communication skills.

In it, she shares the following incredibly valuable information:

  • How to avoid boring slides and keep the attention of your audience (and it’s not by using animation!)
  • How to know how many slides to use, especially online
  • A scientific secret of persuasion that makes your slides look more striking and professional

She also shared a gift with all attendees, a report on The BARE System for Finding the Perfect Image.

Unfortunately, the digital gremlins were having a field day when Ellen’s training took place.

  • First the link between Zoom and the list of people who registered got corrupted; so no one got a link to join us.
  • Second, I wrote an email to everyone in my community with a link to access the video; and I just got a message from Rita O’Brien that the link doesn’t work.

So, in the hopes of hitting third time lucky, and fortunately for you, I am sharing this marvelous training with you in this blog post.

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