How do you eat an elephant? Just in case you never heard the answer, it is one bite at a time!

Despite the silliness of the riddle, it is actually an accurate metaphor for building a business; for going from fearful to fantastic as a speaker, networker and marketer; and from message mediocrity to message mastery ~ all in service of your business and quality of life.

It is crucial to your success to take this many-faceted process one step at a time. Trying to do too many things at once is a recipe for overwhelm, and ultimately failure.

Yet what if you are not sure what steps to take, or you lack the patience for the one step at a time modus operandi?

Not to worry! Rescue is at hand, just in time to help you get you off to a great start (or a great restart) in creating the long term results you crave.

Introducing my brand new Poised Public Speaker Get It Done!  Laser Coaching Program!

What are the benefits of this fabulous new program?

  • THIS VERY GENEROUS OFFER: Unlimited coaching with me for one full year after the date of your first session
    • An incremental, doable, mutually agreed upon action step from each session that will lead to major results over time
    • After each call, you receive a recording of the call, confirmation of the action step to be taken, and a link to sign up for your next session
    • Unlimited email support if you need help with your action step
  • AN EASY-TO-FOLLOW RULE: You can schedule as many 15 (fifteen) minute laser coaching sessions as you want, as soon as you finish the action step from the prior session
  • WHAT STARTS THE PROCESS?: An introductory 30 (thirty) minute session to confirm your business goals, identify the steps that will get you there, and agreement on the small action step to take before the next call
  • THE IRON-CLAD GUARANTEE: On our first 30 (thirty) minute call, if either of us feels that this is not a fit, your money will be returned in full and the coaching terminated
  • THE MINIMAL INVESTMENT: $997 (less than $84/month for unlimited laser coaching) Grab this great deal now, while it is still available
  • THE UNFORTUNATE LIMITATION: This offer is only open to the first 12 people who apply so that I can give you the concentrated attention you deserve
  • IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS: Email me at asap, as this offer ends as soon as all 12 spaces have been filled

ACT NOW to take advantage of this fabulous opportunity!

Simply go to Poised Public Speaker and register now to guarantee your space in this one-bite-at-a-time results-oriented new program.