So you’ve been asked to give a presentation on a topic you’ve never talked about before.

Yikes! What do you do now?

In this Coffee and Coaching Club video, I share with you the key steps to creating a clear, concise, and compelling message.

First ask yourself these key questions about the message itself:

  1. Who is in the audience?
  2. What problems or challenges do they have?
  3. What benefits from the solution you offer do they want?
  4. What single action do you want to the audience members to take that will help you to grow your business?

Then find out the following important details:

  1. How much time do you have to speak?
  2. How many people will be in the audience? (This is particularly crucial if it’s an in-person presentation and you have handouts to share with audience members. If the presentation is virtual, all you have to do is give people a link that you’ve tested to make sure it works.)
  3. Who will introduce you? (You want someone else to sing your praises — with an introduction you provide — instead of risking coming across like a self-centered braggart.)
  4. What kind of offer can you make – a free gift to get people into your community or an actual paid offer?

The remainder of the video covers:

  • The basic outline of a short presentation,
  • The basic outline of an extended presentation, and
  • The important items of information to be sure to include.

It’s also vital to ensure that you don’t get tripped up by the basic landmines that can scuttle the success of any presentation.

You can find a list of those dangerous speaking landmines and how to avoid them in my complimentary report. Click this link to get it: