Life creates many occasions when we naturally have to reinvent ourselves. Life cycle events are a major cause.

We keep changing schools as we grow up. Getting married is a huge reinvention of our lives, as is having children; and the ages of our children cause constant changes in our lives as well.

In fact, I created one of my favorite mottoes when my children were toddlers: Mother’s liberation is when your youngest child goes to school full day and doesn’t come home for lunch.

In our business or career, it’s sometimes feels very comfortable to let things go on as they are, to stay in a rut, even though it’s starting to feel boring or stifling in there.

That’s why making a change can give us new enthusiasm for what we do. This happened to me when I finally reinvented how I think about myself in my own business.

I must confess that I was never really comfortable with calling myself a Public Speaking Coach. That’s because most people think of public speaking simply as giving speeches; whereas I think of public speaking as anytime you speak to someone other than yourself.

In business it’s crucial to feel comfortable and confident in all sorts of speaking situations – not simply on stage, but on the phone, online, networking, etc. So calling myself a Public Speaking Coach felt very limiting to people’s perception of the numerous methods I share so that they can come into the power of their voice in any situation.

With the guidance of a truly wonderful mentor, I had renamed my course Communication Confidence Mastery.

One day the penny finally dropped and I changed my title from Public Speaking Coach to Communication Confidence Coach, which is a much better representation of the various ways I enable people to present themselves much more effectively to their ideal audience.

When you’re stuck in some aspect of your business or life, I highly recommend you take advantage of all the great information available from the exceptional mentors that abound in our world.

The change of seasons is always a good time to take a look at any tweaks you can make in your business and your life to move to the next higher level of accomplishment. (See my blog post Happy  Labor Day New Year for more ideas on this subject.)

I’d love to hear about any changes you are thinking of making to enhance your own path.