telefono e agenda del passatoHave you ever heard a simple, yet incredibly useful piece of information and thought to yourself, Why didn’t I think of that?

Sometimes the smartest things to do are the simplest; yet we rush right past them in our quest to do something complicated in order to stand out from the crowd.

Yet complicated things are sometimes the least accessible to the very people whom we want to attract to our products, services, or worthy causes.

This point was brought home to me in an article in Entrepreneur entitled 4 Critical Website Elements Most Businesses Are Missing, by Peter Gasca.

Unbelievably, the very first critical missing item is contact information.

Gasca quotes the 2015 B2B Web Usability Report statistic that only 51 (fifty-one!) percent of respondents said that “thorough contact information” was the key element missing from most websites.

Not only is contact information sometimes missing, but it is often difficult to find.

Gasca recommends making it clear, bold and easy to find, with all your social media links, in the footer of each page. If you create a separate contact page, make it easy to find and access.

And it is not only on websites that contact information is sometimes missing. I recently reread an excellent report that I had printed out some time ago for future reference.

When I looked for the name and contact information of the person who had written the article, all I found was an invitation to click here.

It would be hard to imagine any words that would be more useless in a printed document than click here. Click where???

If you are sharing information in a document that some people may wish to print for future reference, consider putting in parentheses after the words click here, the actual URL where you want people to go.

This practice honors one of my most important marketing mottoes: Always make it easy for people to contact you.

To find out what the other 3 critical website elements are that most businesses miss, click here. (

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