Flaschenpost im Sonnenuntergang

Are you sometimes stumped when it comes to writing emails that will actually get opened and hopefully read?

Would it be helpful to know what types of email to avoid like the plague?

In a recent article in Hubspot, Leslie Ye writes scathingly about just checking in emails. They actually accomplish very little, since they generally do not provide any value to the recipient.

Ye goes on to provide 23 email subjects that are better than just checking in. Among the suggestions are:

  1. Send a short piece of actionable advice.
  2. Reference a relevant blog post they just published. (Major points for this one.)
  3. Recommend an event in their area.

You can find the rest of Ye’s suggestions at 23 Better Alternatives to the “Just Checking In” Email.

You are sure to find at least a couple of ideas that you can put to use in your own business.

Good luck!