A number of years ago, I ran across a truly excellent informational piece on the Internet. Since I was too busy to read and absorb it just then, I printed it out so that I could read it at my (laughingly called) leisure, and then contact the author about her excellent work.

When I finally got around to reading the article, I did find it as valuable as I thought it would be; however, when I got to the last page and was invited to contact the author, that invitation consisted of two words: Click here.

Two more useless words were never written! This was especially true since the author’s name was nowhere to be found in her report. I even reread it to double check.

That is when I created My Number One Most Important Rule of Communication When You’re Marketing Yourself:

ALWAYS make it easy for people to contact you!

So how does this rule play out in practical terms?

In your written materials:

In your free reports, transcripts of calls, printouts of slides, etc., include a footer on every page that includes your name, email, and phone number. (You can get a Google phone number if you wish to screen out nuisance calls.).

It is very possible that people may only print out the one page of your document that truly interests them. Don’t lose out on potential clients or customers because they are unable to find you after the fact.

When leaving a voicemail message:

Have you ever had the experience of someone leaving you a message in a normal tone of voice and then galloping so fast over the phone number that it was virtually impossible to hear it clearly, let alone write it down, even after listening to it a second or third time?

Or have you ever had to search for a pen and piece of paper upon which to write the name and number of someone you wished to call back?

Here are some guidelines for making it easy for people to get your contact information when you leave a voicemail message:

  1. Begin your message by saying your name and your phone number slowly enough for someone to write them down!
  2. At the conclusion of your message, repeat your name  and your phone number slowly enough for someone to write them down!
  3. The graceful way to do this is to use the word again and simply to say, Again this is (your name) and my phone number is 1  2  3  –  4  5  6 – 7  8  9  0.
  4. The word again alerts the listener to have the pen and paper he or she scurried to find at the ready to write down your contact information, or to confirm that the number originally written down is correct.

You can have materials with copy that resonates strongly with your target audience. You can have the most engaging graphics that immediately grab the attention of your ideal clients, BUT if you don’t make it easy for people to contact you, you will have made the #1 worst possible marketing mistake.

My advice to you? Now that you know about it, never make this mistake!

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