If not making it easy (or even possible) for people to contact you is the #1 worst communication mistake when you’re marketing yourself, and not making it easy (and possible) for you to contact potential clients or customers is the #2 worst communication mistake, then what could the #3 worst possible communication mistake be?

Allow me to ask you what might turn out to be some painful questions.

When you get back home or to your office after an event with business cards from potential clients or customers in your pocket or purse, what do you do with them?

  • Do you note the date and place when and where you met each person?
  • Do you write any notes to give you a clue what to say to that person in order to further build the relationship?
  • Do you follow up with the people you met in a timely manner?
  • Or do the cards end up in your probably never pile, unlikely ever to be touched again until you finally decide to throw them out?

So, as you may have already guessed, the #3 worst possible communication mistake when you’re marketing yourself is not to follow up with people you meet, some of whom may well have the potential to become your very best clients or customers.

These days, there are many ways to follow up. Have some fun experimenting and then choosing the one(s) that work best with your desired audience. These methods can include:

  • Invitations to connect on social media, including LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. (depending on where your people like to gather)
  • Phone calls inviting people to continue the conversation with a virtual or actual coffee date
  • Handwritten notes acknowledging that you are glad to have met them
  • Video emails, using platforms such as BombBomb

All three marketing mistakes are examples of letting opportunities slip through the cracks.

I invite you to take a look at your modus operandi and check out where you need to upgrade your systems; so that you can enjoy the benefits of successfully connecting with your ideal clients and customers.

Both you and your bottom line will be a lot cheerier if you do.

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