How would you like to be able to add to your business database and create a win-win-win situation at the same time?

How would you like to be able to do that at no cost to yourself, while giving added value to the people already on your list?

And how would you like to strengthen your relationships with potential joint venture and referral partners at the very same time?

Think it can’t be done? Wrong!

It definitely can be done. Some friends and colleagues of mine and I are doing it, using a very simple system.

This simple system is called a Gift Swap. Here’s how it works:

  1. Two people with a similar audience and non-competing programs, each offer a complimentary free gift (a report or a tool, for example) that can serve the other person’s audience.
  2. For example, you send an email to the people on your list, mentioning your Gift Swap partner’s free gift and why you think it would be of value to them. The people who opt in for it are added to your Gift Swap partner’s list.
  3. Then your Gift Swap partner sends an email to his or her list, offering your free gift; and those who opt in for it are added to your list.

This creates a win-win-win result.

  1. The people on your partner’s and your lists benefit from the opportunity to access information that complements what each of you provides for them.
  2. Both you and your Gift Swap partner are able to add interested people to your tribes.
  3. You have strengthened your relationship with a potential joint venture and referral partner in a mutually supportive way.

A further bonus for you is that your people may start to see you as a reliable resource for valuable information that supports their work. You come across as a generous and knowledgeable trusted authority in your field.

In my view, the Gift Swap system is akin to the kindergarten version of a full-blown joint venture – easy and a lot of fun, rather than a huge and labor intensive undertaking.

As the old advertisement says, Try it! You’ll like it!

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