Are You Sick and Tired of Feeling Less Than Confident When You Are Speaking with People about Your Business?

  • keyboard_arrow_rightDo you ever get flustered and lose your train of thought when you are giving a presentation, or have to answer a question or improvise a report without any time to prepare in advance?
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDo you ever feel concerned about losing the attention and interest of your listeners, or about turning people off when you’re sharing information with them?
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDo you sometimes experience anxiety and dread, and worry that your lack of communication skills is making you look bad, or is wreaking havoc with your career or your business?


What Would It Mean to You if You Could Turn It Around?


  • keyboard_arrow_rightImagine developing authentic and effective messages that resonate with your listeners, and envision knowing that you are ready to share your knowledge, even without advance warning.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightImagine gaining powerful presentation skills (both spoken and written) to enhance the impact of your messages and keep the eager attention of your listeners.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightImagine overcoming your fears and anxiety so that you can confidently share your messages in any setting, enhance your authority and expert status, and attract your ideal clients.


Business Communication Mastery

Always Know What To Say

This Powerful Training Is Designed to Enable You to:

  • check_circleCommunicate with ease and confidence in any speaking situation;
  • check_circleAttract the ideal clients, customers, and career advancement you seek; and
  • check_circleCreate the income, business, and lifestyle you desire.

Hi, I’m Marjorie Saulson, and I’ve been mentoring hundreds of reluctant speakers and working with people in teams for several decades. In fact, I was named both 2017 Top Public Speaking Coach of the Year, and 2018 Top Motivational Speaker of the Year, by the International Association of Top Professionals.

But it wasn’t always this way. As a young girl, I was told not to be too smart because the boys won’t like it.

When I decided that it was time to expand my business, I discovered that I had a particularly hard time picking up the phone and calling people – and sales conversations? Don’t ask!! 

I finally realized that my fears and lack of skill in these particular areas were preventing me from developing the communication skills (far beyond just giving speeches) that are truly necessary for success in business.

I then realized that I had an obligation to share what I had learned with those who are also struggling with business communication skills.

Now I’ve created a 6-part training designed for business people just like you, who struggle to go to networking events, pick up the phone, have sales conversations, make presentations, give speeches, or go live online…. to gain the communication skills you need and to enable you to overcome your speaking fears, whether you are talking with 1 person or to 1000.

Marjorie, it was a true pleasure participating in your course. I enjoyed and looked forward to every module, and I think the others in the class also received a lot of information and wisdom from you. You always had a relevant answer to questions asked, and there was a loving approach to what you said. I received your wisdom, not just your knowledge.

Diane Sussman

Here’s What You Will Discover:


  • forwardModule 1 ~ The Foundational Building Blocks of Confident Public Speaking
    You will acquire a clear-cut system with all the elements you need to speak with confidence, to people both inside and outside the company you are in. This will allow you to leverage your current abilities and transform your weaknesses into strengths.
  • forwardModule 2 ~ Know What to Say to Attract Your Ideal Audience
    You will discover how to hone in on the problems and concerns of your ideal audience. This will make it easier for you to speak the language that resonates with them, and will entice them into working with you.
  • forwardModule 3 ~ How to Rock Your Presentation
    You will develop the skills you need to present dynamic and engaging presentations; whether you are speaking on stage, online, on the phone, in business meetings and sales conversations, networking, or in social situations.
  • forwardModule 4 ~ The System for Preparing Like a Pro
    You will develop a step-by-step process that will enable you to manage all of the details; so that when you begin to speak, you will be fully focused on sharing your message with your audience, rather than worrying about what you forgot.
  • forwardModule 5 ~Reliable Tactics for Overcoming Your Fears so that You Can Manage Difficult People (and Yourself)
    You will develop the strategies you need to overcome nerves and fear while speaking. You will be able to handle both your audience and yourself with calm confidence, even if someone asks you a question you can’t (or don’t want to) answer. If you are in a business setting, you will learn what tactics to use when someone else tries to claim credit for your work or your ideas.
  • forwardModule 6 ~ Speaking and Writing Templates for (Almost) Any Situation
    You will stop worrying over how to organize your thoughts and information by using the templates provided as your cheat sheets for creating powerful messages that make sense, get your points across clearly, resonate with your listeners, and enable you to achieve true business communication mastery.

Marjorie Saulson offers a wealth of insights from a lifetime of passion and experience. The networking session alone was filled with useful tips that will surely make a difference!

Thom Harrison
Walk Your Why

What you get when you enroll today:

  • check_circle6 Information Packed Modules consisting of several short videos (with audios) to accommodate busy schedules. ($1,500 value)
  • check_circleYour Own Downloadable Business Communication Mastery Workbook for each video, to facilitate note taking and for a quick review of the material presented. ($300 value)
  • check_circle6 Live Q and A Sessions where you can get your questions answered about your biggest speaking and communication challenges, plus get on the spot coaching on areas where you feel stuck.  ($1,000 value)
  • check_circleMembership in our Practice Buddies Program, including organized VIP Breakout Sessions on Zoom, to practice various types of speaking; so that you can gain both competence and confidence in sharing your messages with other people. ($600 value)
  • check_circleFull Access to all future updates of Business Communication Mastery – Always Know What to Say. ($1,000 value)
  • check_circleFull Access to the private Facebook group, where you can share your questions and ideas and get the support from the group and Marjorie. ($1,000 value)


Plus These Incredible Bonuses: 

  • check_circleVideo Scripts Templates, 20 “fill-in-the-blank” video script samples, including video scripts for your home page, about page, sales page, webinar invitation page, etc., curated by acclaimed video guru, Lou Bortone. (Value: $100)
  • check_circlePrivate Coaching Session, Your own private coaching session with Marjorie, so you can focus on your specific areas of concern. ($500 value)
  • check_circleA Complimentary Ticket (with a refundable seat deposit) to our 3-Day In-Person Live Event to further practice and enhance your business communication confidence and mastery. ($1000)


Total Value: $7000


The program was presented beautifully and professionally and I loved all the reminders of the class date and time.

Emma Auriemma McKay

Frequently Asked Questions

I am already incredibly busy. How will I be able to fit this program into my schedule?

The short videos in each module are specifically designed to fit into the busiest schedule. And since you have full access to the program (plus all updates) for the life of the program, you are sure to be able to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a vast improvement in your communication skills.


I work in an unusual area. Will you really be able to help me create effective speeches and presentations, and be able to handle sales conversations  when you have no clue about how I do what I do?

Surprisingly enough, the basics of good communication apply all the time, no matter how far out the subject matter may be. Effective speech and presentation creation always requires an outline that covers the topic in a way that makes sense to the listener. A good sales system applies, no matter what product or service is for sale.


I have suffered from public speaking anxiety and dread for years. Have you ever been able to help someone in my situation?

Yes, I do it all the time. It has been both my pleasure and honor to enable many people to come into the full power of their voice, so that they can create the income and business of their dreams. This may be why I was named the Top Speaking Coach of the Year in 2017 by the International Association of Top Professionals. 


Marjorie’s insight, coaching, and positive plans for action are an enlightening booster shot in the arm and psyche.

Gena Conti

By the end of this program, you will have:

  • check_circleCreated your own authentic and unique messages to become the go-to expert in your field;
  • check_circleAcquired compelling presentations skills that resonate with your ideal audience; and
  • check_circleOvercome fear and dread so that you can communicate with calm self-assurance in any situation, and experience confidence in all of your business communications.

Who this program is for?  It’s for people in business who:

  • account_circleAre sick and tired of keeping themselves small and their results small due to fear or lack of skill;
  • account_circleHave a message or knowledge that they know can improve other people’s lives and businesses; and
  • account_circleAre eager to get their message out far more effectively so that they can increase their business and grow their income.

What is necessary to succeed in this program?

  • thumb_upA willingness to stretch outside of your comfort zone
  • thumb_upA commitment to practicing the skills that are shared in the program

People in my group listen more closely to what I am saying and react in a more civil way.

Brenda Schufelt

Your Investment

Generally, for a training program of this caliber, you would have to invest at least $1997. The regular investment is set at $997.

However, since I know that such an investment might make it hard for many of the people who really need it to access this information; for a short time only, I am making this course so affordable that practically anyone can participate.

(Full Value: $7,000)

(Regular Investment: $997)


or 2 payments of $277

(one now, one in 30 days)


Choose your payment
preference at checkout.

Fast Action Bonus

You will also receive access to my Effortless Elevator Pitch training. 

Follow along as I teach you how to create the perfect way to introduce yourself efficiently and effectively and without sounding like a robocall. ($97 value)

You make your investment at no risk because you are covered by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This means that you can join me for 30 days, participate, do the work, and ask any questions you may have. If you decide during that time that this training is not for you, you will let me know, and get a full refund.

I met Marjorie through the Chamber of Commerce in Birmingham. I was looking for self improvement in public speaking as I had a panel discussion coming up in a few weeks. I called Marjorie and we went to work.

Not only did she guide me through the normal jitters process, but after helping me organize my thoughts and to improve my speaking skills, I did not even use my notes. I am ready to do it again.

Additionally, I had a delicate situation with a difficult person on a board on which I sit. I ran my thoughts by Marjorie and she beautifully made it very simple for me to move ahead and take control elegantly with confidence and without confrontation.

I highly recommend Marjorie as a business mentor and someone who will help you move forward without fear. Her techniques are common sense techniques that are highly effective and strategic.

Associate Broker at Coldwell Banker / Weir Manual Realtors

I experienced severe anxiety about standing up in front of a crowd to give a speech. If I was out at an event and someone would ask me what I did, the anxiety and dread would come over me and I would stumble over my words trying to define myself.

If you have experienced either of these scenarios, I highly recommend you take Marjorie Saulson’s course or work with her privately. She is an expert not only at giving speeches, but in knowing what to say in any given moment or situation.

Marjorie has helped me to feel so much more confident, both in my personal life and in my business. I no longer sweat and worry that I will be called on to present. I can speak clearly and confidently about myself and about what I offer.

She is a fabulous teacher and is able to break things down and make them very easy to digest. I just loved her laid back and conversational style. Marjorie is very generous both with her time and her knowledge and wisdom from experience, and also at teaching specifically what anyone wanted to know about.

Marjorie is a godsend to me in my life! This is truly one of the best courses I have ever taken. I learned so much and it has changed my life! I have way more confidence than I did before!

If I hadn’t taken Marjorie’s course and worked with her one on one on my signature speech, I would still be floundering, feeling lost, and overcome by anxiety. Thank you so much, Marjorie, you have saved my life!

Ascending Heights Enterprises


I liked Marjorie’s maturity level. She always had a relevant answer to questions asked, and there was a loving approach to what she said. I received her wisdom, not just her knowledge.

I also thought the delivery was easy to digest. The videos were each short enough, but I tended to do them all at once for the weekly learning, because of my own time restrictions, but also because they were so compelling!

It was a true pleasure participating in this class. I enjoyed and looked forward to every module, and I think the others in the class also received a lot of information and wisdom from her. I look forward to being a lifetime member, as well as learning about more of the classes she offers.


I met Marjorie Saulson through a group focused on collaboration called Joint Venture Insider Circle. I was immediately drawn to Marjorie’s enthusiasm, passion for what she does, unwavering commitment, and desire to contribute her expertise to the group.

When it comes to mastering your public speaking skills, Marjorie is a true expert!

Best-selling author of Beyond Influencer Marketing


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