Talk show word cloudWOW! Things are really starting to pop for me right now, allowing me to help so many more people to overcome their speaking fears and start expanding into their true potential and power.

The first piece of media madness is that I am in the midst of offering a number of free webinars designed to give you tips and strategies that you can immediately apply to gain more confidence and ease in any speaking situation – on stage, on the phone, online in videos, in meetings, networking, in social situations, etc.

To take advantage of one of these free trainings, simple click Speaking Profit Secrets for Fearful Speakers Who Want to Become Fearless.

Be sure to do this today, as the trainings will only be offered a few times in next few days.

While replays will also be made available for a short time for those who cannot attend a live webinar, attending live means that you have the opportunity to ask any questions about areas of particular concern to you.

The next exciting piece of media madness is that I am being interviewed twice on CUTV News Radio.

  1. First, by Doug Llewewelyn, on October 13, at 10:00 am EDT.
  2. Second, by Jim Masters, on October 20, at 10:00 am EDT.

You can listen to either the live broadcasts or the replays by clicking BlogTalkRadio.

As always, my goal in these webinars and broadcasts is to help you to gain confidence in speaking in public, so that you can realize your full potential, and thus be able to freely share your gifts with the world, and build the business and lifestyle of your dreams.