Recently I had the honor to be interviewed on Jeff Crilley’s show.

Here are some of the crucial things I did beforehand to help ensure that I would be a success on the show:

First of all, I sent Jeff a document with the following information;

  1. My name and all of my contact information.
  2. A short bio that he could use to introduce me.
  3. A list of suggested questions about topics in my area of expertise.
  4. A link to a complimentary ebook that he could share with his audience. He actually chose to share the link to my website so that interested people could easily find me on the internet.

Second, please note that I was very careful to select a date on which I was having my hair professionally cut and styled by my beautician. When that’s not possible, I  pray very hard for a good hair day.

Third, I made sure that the background in my office looked good. That meant moving the piles that usually litter my desk someplace where they were out of sight.

Fourth, I dressed in one of my brand colors, put on makeup, and wore a favorite piece of jewelry with matching earrings. (Not at all necessary, but nice.)

Fifth, before the show started I showed Jeff my books (which were also mentioned in my bio).  As a result, during the interview, he asked me to hold them up for the audience to see.

Given that podcasts and radio interviews have become crucial tools for marketing your business, that is one more  reason to make sure that your communication skills are serving you well.

If you haven’t already done so, I invite you to download my complimentary ebook, Communicate with Confidence, at the following URL: