Building Customer Loyalty Concept on a cork notice boardIn my prior blog post, I wrote about how hardly anybody wants or likes to narrow their niche.

Online sales guru, Eben Pagan, has a video on the same subject, but in greater depth.

His starting point is the Pareto principle, which states that 80% of the results in any given area are produced by 20% of the people involved.

That being the case, narrowing your niche again and yet again, at least three levels deep, will provide maximum bang for every one of your marketing bucks (or efforts).

According to Eben, “We humans like to buy stuff that sounds like it was made just for our issue.”

Narrowing our niche so deeply provides just that effect in people’s minds.

Click here to see the video with all he has to say.

You will find a lot more of his goodies on this same page. Enjoy!

And do please let me know what you think of Eben’s ideas, and if they are helpful to you.