Do you dread speaking in public? Do you worry that your speaking nerves and fear are preventing you from enjoying the business success you desire?

In the prior two videos in this series, I spoke about the first two keys to compelling presentations:

  1. Your compelling message filled with information that speaks to your ideal audience and is organized so that it not only makes sense, but also inspires people to take the next step with you.
  2. Your enthralling presentation skills that engage and keep the eager attention of your audience.

Those first two keys to compelling presentations do you absolutely no good if you are too afraid to open your mouth and speak — whether it’s online, on a video, on the phone, on stage, at networking events, and even in your personal life.

Just remember my definition of public speaking: It’s any time you speak to someone other than yourself.

In this video I cover the three major fears that can keep you silent, even when an inner voice is urging you to speak. Those three fears are:

  1. Fear of criticism or judgement;
  2. Fear of rejection; and
  3. Fear of failure.

Everything you want is outside of your comfort zone. Check out the video to access some helpful strategies to overcome these three fears.

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