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You may not know this but public speaking is not just standing on stage in front of a bunch of people (although that is possible for you too!).

Public speaking is on the stage, on the phone, on the radio, on webinars, podcasts, videos and teleseminars, in meetings, networking, and even in social situations!

If you are not confident when you speak, you will never have the success you want.

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Whether you are finding, discovering, or reinventing your voice or your message (personal or professional), Marjorie’s insight, coaching and positive plans for action are an enlightening booster shot in the arm and psyche.  

Looking to improve and grow your business, large or small? Contact Marjorie. She will help you perfect your voice! ~ Gena Conti

Marjorie really over delivers in her training program. Each lesson is clear and straight to the point. I never felt overwhelmed and I finished each module knowing exactly what steps I needed to take next.  

And her training on Ending Sales Call Terror Forever is one of the best systems I’ve seen on how to effectively handle a sales call. Now I know, step-by-step, how to talk with a prospective client so I feel more confident when I get on the phone. ~ Amy Crane

Named Named 2017 Top Speaking Coach of the Year and 2018 Top Motivational Speaker of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals, Marjorie Saulson has helped hundreds of people make a powerful impact with their speaking, speak powerfully about their business, and attract more clients. She is an accredited adult trainer and consultant, and a member of both Continental Who’s Who and Worldwide Who’s Who, among many other honors.

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