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Opportunity 1 — April 4-20:
Communication Confidence Mastery

My top-notch course designed to help students overcome their fears of speaking or presenting in front of groups of people gets top marks from attendees! You will have three opportunities to refer your tribe – a gift, a webinar, and directly into the course – and earn $400 for each of your people who signs up for the program.

Opportunity 2 — July 16-31:
Marvelous Mentors Giveaway

Offered twice each year, the Marvelous Mentors Giveaway serves entrepreneurs, expert, coaches, and authors with a curated selection of free gifts. If you would like to grow your list and participate in the next Giveaway, we’d be happy to share more information with you.

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Communication Confidence Mastery - Launching Future Date
Marvelous Mentors Giveaway - Be a Contributor July 2022