Because I had first called myself a Public Speaking Coach, I was under the impression that every talk I gave had to be worthy of Ted Talk status.

I also thought that, to be considered a true expert in my field, every phone call I made, and every networking effort I expended, had to be perfect.

Fortunately nothing could be further from the truth.

I say fortunately because it’s that fear of not being good enough, of failing, that keeps so many of us from positively impacting people by saying out loud the value of what we have to offer the world.

Here is what I have found to be true instead.

Perfection may be admirable, but it’s not relatable. In fact, it can be very off-putting.

Shy people especially, tend to view perfect-seeming people to be unapproachable and unsympathetic. Just think how that belief negatively affects one’s efforts at creating the relationships that are crucial to networking success.

I have found that when I make an occasional human error, if something I say comes out less than clearly; if I can just laugh about it, or simply shrug my shoulders at my blooper; people are very sympathetic. In fact, others are so glad that it’s me up there making a fool of myself, that they not only cut me some slack, but are more willing to engage with me and what I share.

Don’t get me wrong! This does not remove the obligation to prepare as carefully as possible for any time when you will be communicating with other people.

What does this mean?

  • It’s essential to have a clear message in language that resonates with your ideal audience.
  • It’s vital to share it in an engaging manner that compels the eager attention of your listeners.
  • It’s imperative to gain the strategies necessary to overcome your fear of sharing that message.

It’s always a good time to assess which areas of your communication and business skills you are committed to upgrading. Click here for some suggestions about¬† how to go about that process.