When it comes to being nervous about public speaking, sometimes it’s the details that can cause us the most anxiety.

The details to which I am referring are not your notes or preparation for the presentation itself, but rather vital tangential items that can throw you for a loop if not handled properly.

There are five categories of details that, planned for in advance, can greatly lower your stress level when you are getting ready to make a presentation:

  1. Items to discuss and arrange with the event planner or meeting organizer ahead of time;
  2. Items to prepare ahead of time that you may need to take with you;
  3. Items to take with you to the event  that can be packed and ready to go the day before the event;
  4. Things to do once your arrive at the venue of your speech or presentation.
  5. Things to do after the event including sending any appropriate thank you notes, evaluating how you can improve, and following up with leads.

Knowing that you have all of these ducks in a row and quacking in tune can greatly reduce any stress you are feeling about speaking in front of a group of people or an audience.

As a general rule, the more prepared you feel, the easier it is to handle the usual last minute public speaking nerves that show up before you start a speech or presentation.

I’d love to know if you find these lists useful.

In addition, if there is anything else you have found that can be added to any of these lists, I’d really appreciate your sharing your suggestions with me.

BONUS IDEA: Some of these items also apply when you are attending an event where you are not a speaker.

The most obvious example is to make sure that you always have a supply of your business cards with you. You never know when you might meet someone who would like to have one.

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