überlastete frau im büroIn a prior post, Do You Suffer from an Enlarged Procrastinate?, I mentioned some of the reasons why we may delay doing jobs we know that we need to do; and I included some practical strategies that can help us move forward.

Unfortunately, the reasons why we procrastinate may have nothing to do with practicalities and rational choices, and everything to do with emotion.

There definitely can be some emotional downsides to getting a project done:

  1. I might fail.
  2. I might lose money.
  3. I might make some mistakes.
  4. People might criticize what I’ve done.
  5. It will take too much time from other things that I would rather do.
  6. Worst of all, getting the project done will cause changes in my life that I can’t foresee and may not like.

Emotional causes of procrastination can’t be reasoned away with our thinking brain. They must be dealt with on an emotional level.

One of the most powerful tools I know of for dealing with emotions is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as tapping.

For a clear explanation of how tapping works, I invite you to visit the following link from one of my mentors, Gene Monterastelli: Learn Tappying/EFT.

With his usual humor, Gene divides various pieces on tapping into Tapping 101, Tapping 102 and Tapping 103. Check out Basics of Tapping, listed under Tapping 102.

For more specific information on using tapping for procrastination, check out Gene’s link on Dealing with Procrastination When You Can’t Name the Drawback for Doing It.

Please share with us any strategies that you use to help overcome the delay dilemma; and also what your results from tapping are, should you choose to try it.