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From private mentorship to full programs designed to give you the confidence and authority you need, I am here to serve you.

The Communication Confidence Mastery Private Mentorship Program

Fear should not keep you from creating a profitable business, and now it doesn’t have to. Our customized private mentoring is designed to help you:

  • Overcome speaking and networking fears;
  • Identify your unique voice and message; and
  • Sell easily, naturally and powerfully.

During this private, customized training, you will:

  • Discover the techniques for creating powerful and magnetizing messages that will attract your ideal clients; so that you can focus your efforts on the people most likely to exponentially increase your income
  • Acquire the presentation skills that will enable you to effectively share your message with ease and confidence: on stage, at networking events, in presentations, on videos, on the phone, or anywhere else the occasion presents itself to you
  • Gain the strategies to get past your fears so that you can freely take advantage of any speaking opportunity that will allow you to turn skeptics into clients and accelerate your path to profit and freedom.

The Communication Confidence Mastery Private Mentorship Program is by application only.

The Communication Confidence Accelerator

Do you have a big opportunity coming up and need to take quick action to take full advantage of it?

  • Are you building a business and don’t know how to describe it in a way that engages your perfect potential customers?
  • Is professional networking a crucial way to build your business but the mere thought of doing it paralyzes you with fear?
  • Would you like to be seen as the authority that you truly are, and build relationships that lead to sales?

In this intensive 8-session personal coaching program, I will help you to focus on the area of vital importance to you now:

  • Prepare for that big opportunity
  • Upgrade your networking skills and confidence
  • Create and polish how you speak about your business
  • Speak about your business with confidence and ease in any situation
  • Overcome debilitating nerves and fear that keep you stumbling or silent
  • Demonstrate your authority and expert status in a way that attracts your perfect potential customers

The Communication Confidence Accelerator is by application only.

The Communication Confidence Mastery VIP Intensive

If you are ready to move through your fears of speaking, networking and sales calls, and you are looking to do it in a way that is fast and effective, the Communication Confidence Mastery VIP Intensive is for you.

It is perfect for high-level entrepreneurs and professionals who have a big opportunity on the horizon, and who are determined not to let their fear get in the way of success.

For this VIP Intensive, we will customize your program to your specific needs. It can include:

  • Creating the most powerful and magnetic message possible;
  • Discovering presentation techniques that allow you to hit the ball out of the park;
  • Determining the causes of your fears;
  • Plotting a powerful strategy to move through them; and
  • Looking at ways to prevent your fears from ever stopping you again.

The Communication Confidence Mastery VIP Intensive Program is by application only.

Building a Strong, Profitable Business Through Compelling Communication Workshops

Top level training workshops designed to meet your specific objectives, presented by Communication Confidence Coach Marjorie Saulson

Are you facing any of these challenges in your business?

  • Negative relationships affecting staff productivity?
  • Ineffective meetings wasting time and staff resources, and not meeting their objectives?
  • Internal communications failing to accomplish their objectives?
  • Your messages falling flat and not truly representing the value you offer potential clients and customers?
  • Inadequate outreach to potential, current, and prior clients hurting your bottom line?
  • Lack of the positive atmosphere that would inspire increased productivity and profits?

What My Clients Say


If you have experienced anxiety in front of crowds or even one-on-one, I highly recommend you take Marjorie Saulson’s course or work with her privately.

She has helped me to feel so much more confident, both in my personal life and in my business. I no longer sweat and worry that I will be called on to present. I can speak clearly and confidently about myself and about what I offer.

Heidi McElvaine

Ascending Heights Enterprises

I had to give a 100 minute technical presentation and was petrified that I would put people to sleep.  I talked with Marjorie Saulson who gave me suggestions on how to structure my presentation. By using her suggestions in my presentation, not only did no one fall asleep, but I received questions and referral opportunities.
I highly recommend her for anyone who needs to create a fun & energetic presentation that does not put people to sleep!

Jon Isenberg

ELIJAH - Managed IT Services


Marjorie really over delivers in her training program. Each lesson is clear and straight to the point. I never felt overwhelmed and I finished each module knowing exactly what steps I needed to take next.

I was able to book 2 extra referrals at a networking event based on one simple tip she shared. These were 2 great referrals I would have missed out on!

Amy Crane


Marjorie Saulson offers a wealth of insights from a lifetime of passion and experience. The networking session alone was filled with useful tips that will surely make a difference!

Thom Harrison


Marjorie Saulson is my public speaking coach. She is helping me to go through all my free reports, ideas, headings and everything else with a fine tooth comb, patience, wisdom and a sense of humor.

She is wonderful, and I know that I will go from a good public speaker to a great one because of her thoroughness, experience and encouragement!

Dr. Marjorie Farnsworth

Marjorie is an amazing communicator with a big heart and an even bigger message. If you need a lively guest for your show or speaker for your event, she's a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!

Jeff Crilley

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