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Imagine how you would feel if you knew that you could trust yourself to communicate with clarity, confidence, and poise in any situation, whether you were talking with one person or to 1000 people.

Our private, one-on-one coaching programs are designed to empower you to become the confident communicator you were always meant and knew you needed to be.

You will benefit from the confidence you gain and the skills you learn for the rest of your life.

The Communicator Rescue Accelerator

When it’s important for you to quickly gain confidence to communicate effectively.

  • Do you need to get ready for a big networking event, a trade show, or a conference where you’ll have the opportunity to meet a lot of people who could become clients or partners?
  • Are you building a business and need to get more confident about describing it, asking for help, soliciting investors, or being your own number one salesperson?
  • Have you created or been offered a great speaking or business opportunity and want to knock it out of the park?

In this intensive personal coaching program, delivered in a time frame to meet your requirements, we will focus on what’s important to do next, such as:

  • Creating and polishing how you speak about your business and/or yourself
  • Speaking about your business with confidence and ease in any situation
  • Demonstrating your authority and expert status in a way that attracts your perfect potential customers

Getting into the Communicator Rescue Accelerator begins with a few questions and a conversation.

The Communication Confidence Private Coaching Program

Fear should not keep you from creating a profitable business, and now it doesn’t have to. Our customized private coaching is designed to help you:

  • Discover the impact words to create powerful and magnetizing messages that pack a punch and attract your ideal clients (and how to avoid the words that have the opposite effect).
  • Master the art of engaging and keeping the eager attention of your audience, whether in an interview, a networking event, a presentation, a conference, or standing on a stage with a microphone in your hand.
  • Confidently and fearlessly accept any opportunity to engage with people in your ideal audience, tossing old fears aside and commanding whatever situation you’re in. getting your nerves to serve you instead of sabotaging you.

The Communication Confidence Private Coaching Program is available in 3, 6, 9, or 12 month packages and is by application only.

The Confident Communicator QuickStart

If you simply need a shot in the arm, our 2-session non-repeatable QuickStart package may be all you need.

  • Do you feel jittery and unsure of what to say when someone asks you what you do?
  • Do you dread being asked a question in a meeting for fear of looking stupid?
  • Would you rather have a root canal than go to a networking event?
  • Do you have to give a presentation and are unsure what to say?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, are you open to adding tools to your toolbox so that you can communicate with increased ease and confidence?

The Confident Communicator QuickStart program is designed to help you define your most pressing communication challenges, and to give you strategies necessary to deal with them successfully.

What My Clients Say

I had to give a 100 minute technical presentation and was petrified that I would put people to sleep.  I talked with Marjorie Saulson who gave me suggestions on how to structure my presentation. By using her suggestions in my presentation, not only did no one fall asleep, but I received questions and referral opportunities.
I highly recommend her for anyone who needs to create a fun & energetic presentation that does not put people to sleep!

Jon Isenberg

ELIJAH - Managed IT Services


Marjorie Saulson is an inspiration and, now that I have had the pleasure of working with her, a new mentor of mine. Although I am a trained singer like she is, I still learned new practical tools for presenting/performing. More importantly, Marjorie touched my heart with her authentic vulnerability and her long-lived drive to  empower people to succeed in connecting with their audiences.

Cheri Lucas

SeeScapes Transformational Living


Marjorie Saulson is my public speaking coach. She is helping me to go through all my free reports, ideas, headings and everything else with a fine tooth comb, patience, wisdom and a sense of humor.

She is wonderful, and I know that I will go from a good public speaker to a great one because of her thoroughness, experience and encouragement!

Dr. Marjorie Farnsworth


Marjorie has been one of the most valuable, engaging, and well-equipped guests on the Lunchtime Series Podcast to date. She is well-versed in her field, expresses herself with ease and comfort, and kept us interested from the start. Having her as a guest has been a joy. I would suggest her as a coach and speaker to everyone.

Kevin Britz

Leadership By Design


I had a panel discussion coming up in a few weeks. I called Marjorie and we went to work. Not only did she guide me through the normal jitters process, but after organizing my thoughts and learning speaking skills, I did not even use my notes. I am ready to do it again.

Gwen Schultz

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