Want to keep your business and your life on track throughout the year, so that you can reach your personal and business goals?

Want to avoid the usual guilt factor that often arises from having to write down the same old resolutions year after year?

In the video accompanying the blog post, I share 5 suggestions from the Jobs section of the Detroit Free Press for how to revive those pesky New Year’s Resolutions, so that you can thrive all year long.

  1. Write them down: Resolutions are all too easy to forget, especially if they are about something we are reluctant to do or to change. Writing them down helps to keep us accountable.
  2. Be realistic: A stretch goal is a lot better choice than something so far out of reach that it discourages us from even starting down the path to success. In other words, don’t expect to play a concert at Carnegie Hall if you’re just starting to take piano lessons.
  3. Break them down: The bigger the goal, the smaller the steps need to be; so that we actually feel encouraged to get started and keep going. Remember the old riddle: How do you eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time.
  4. Set a time frame: There’s nothing like a deadline for each small step to keep us honest and on track to eventual completion of even the biggest projects.
  5. Reward yourself: Too often we criticize ourselves for not doing things as well as we should (horrible word, should!), or for not doing something absolutely perfectly. This is guaranteed to discourage us and throw us off track. It’s far better to acknowledge every thing we do, no matter how small it is. Appreciation, not denigration, is what encourages us to keep on keeping on, no matter how long the path.

I’d love to hear if you have any other strategies that you use to keep yourself moving forward toward your long-range goals.

Here’s wishing you every success, this year and every year to come.