Flying Business Superhero With BriefcaseGreat marketing copy can show up in the oddest places, places you would never think to look.

In a blog post entitled Swipe File Gold Mine, marketing guru, Ben Settle, touts the value of going to comic book conventions and buying comics that were created before 1990, when copy gave way to infographics.

According to Ben, the classified and space ads in the old comics are top notch additions to any marketer’s swipe file.

The psychology the copywriters used in those old direct
response comic book ads is sheer brilliance.

They knew exactly how to get “inside” your head and persuade
you to buy things you never in a million years would have
considered buying before.

Plus, they were able to do it in just a few sentences.

Given the tremendous competition most people in business face, and the short attention span we see in today’s culture, being able to use just a few sentences to market your product or service successfully can be a great strategy to learn and use.

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